Rejuvenate your home on a budget

The whole object of refurnishing or redecorating a home is to create a refreshing and comfortable space to spend leisure time in. If a home feels dull and lifeless, lacking energy and interest, then it’s clearly time to redecorate.

With the pace of living so hectic nowadays this is doubly important, and moreover it can be done cheaply and effectively, so that even where there’s a tight budget involved it’s perfectly feasible to transform a home with a few creative touches.

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Budget RefurbishmentsFirst of all, identify the sorts of changes needed to spruce up the rooms before heading for the high street. Having a plan always saves money and makes the shopping less exhausting, and knowing the theme and adjustments needed to complement it will save time and make the shopping more enjoyable. Unsuitable purchases will be avoided and suitable ones hunted down more efficiently. It’s important to take all the measurements along as well, so that the items purchased will definitely fit into the places allotted to them.

Hang some artwork

Even if a room is tiny it can be transformed with some well-placed pieces of artwork. There are plenty of places where good, cheap pictures can be picked up for a song, from craft shops to boot sales, and many of these come with great frames as well. If the picture is good but the frame is not, look around charity shops for good frames and discard the pictures to replace them with better ones.

Change the curtains

Changing the curtains can make a major difference to any room by diffusing the light and creating a private space. By fitting no-frills, inexpensive organdie or plain cotton the room will be completely transformed, and a neutral colour such as beige or Egyptian white will go with any furnishings.

Get used furniture

This is one of the most economical ways of decorating a room. Just remember to avoid junk shops and concentrate instead on slightly damaged but still perfectly presentable quality items, such as sofas with a few knocks. As long as the frame cannot be felt through the fabric cushioning it should be fine to buy and use.

Use throws

A simple length of colourful fabric thrown across a sofa or chair will change a room’s ambience and mood, and throws are also very useful in hiding any faults present in a cheaper item of furniture, such as a scratch in the wood or leather.

Add some shelving

Build a few shelves with wood from a DIY shop. This is cheap and reliable, and the tools required are simply a saw, set square, pencil and brackets. A leveller is also a good idea to get the shelves absolutely horizontal. All of these can be bought for a nominal fee and the result either painted or left alone for the natural look. Add books and ornaments for a lived-in look and a room that looks more filled out.

Add or change the carpets

Fitting carpets can make a huge difference too, and many showrooms have special offers to get the customers in, such as free fitting. There’s nothing like an attractively designed and coloured carpet for making a house feel like home, and with carpet cleaning so economical there’s no reason for them to become dust traps either.

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Budget Refurbishments for Your Home
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