Do You Want to Save The Environment & Money?

Simple questions that everyone can relate to these days. It’s a hot topic to save the environment, the planet and our kids futures, and you would probably think that it is a difficult task to try and even attempt to make a difference.

The fact is that you can make a huge difference if the correct measures and many people at the same time do enough and act upon certain guidelines. There are many guidelines and experts in every industry talking about what you can do to lower our carbon footprints and emissions, and generally prevent the over use of energy and resources. I know that it seems like an obvious way to do this but insulation is one key to achieving 1 of your targets, and it won’t cost as much as you think – in fact it could actually start to make you money in the future.

I am not here to talk about new energy resources or wind, solar tidal or renewable energy as there are far more experts in finding and informing on these topics. My purpose is to inform on the possibilities of retaining the energy you use and reduce the amount of existing energy you need to keep your family warm for the most cost effective and most efficient ways out there. The first obvious way is probably going to be the most expensive, but the most effective by miles.

To improve your glazing.

Either by changing the existing double glazed units that are installed in your upvc frames, or to have new windows and doors installed with new energy saving glass. It is a must that you purchase the highest grade of energy retaining glass that you can, as cheaper alternatives will be outdated pretty quickly.

How much does double glazing cost in 2018?

Save Money With Double GlazingAfter the initial outlay you will see a massive difference in heating costs and allowing you to put the spare money away – eventually in a couple of years the new glass and windows will pay for themselves, add to that the other insulation properties below and it could save you a fortune each year. All together it could be as much as £550 a year.

Other ways to insulate other than new double glazing is to have cavity wall insulation put into the walls. Another way is to make sure you have enough insulation in the attic space. Usually a minimum of 3 inches. You could make your central heating perform better by having a local plumber flush the system. You can place a reflective material behind the radiators in the house, so that the heat is directed into the home and not absorbed into the walls. Have the new type of polycarbonate roof sheets installed into your conservatory, as they have a reflective strip that rebounds heat into the conservatory.

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Do You Want to Save Money With Double Glazing?