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Home & Door SecurityDo you have unsafe security options installed in your home, store, or building? You may not think so, but some options that seem safe are actually rather unsafe alternatives that can easily be replaced and upgraded. If you leave your security to these potentially risky and unsafe options, you could be putting yourself in danger. When it comes to security you have to be constantly looking for ways to improve and increase your safety.

Patio Doors

Usually found at the rear of a property, which makes them a target for burglars. Sliding doors should have anti lifting tracks & deadbolts. French doors that open inwards are way easier to force open than those that open outwards. You can see here some examples of high quality but cheap French Doors prices & designs.

Bars to Shutters

Some of the most notoriously unsafe options that are present in many homes and offices are barred windows. Bars on windows can be a good option in some places, but in many situations they can actually do more harm than good. The main problem with barred windows arises in an emergency when someone might be required to exit through the window and would be unable to do so. Bars are just as effective at keeping people in as at keeping people out, and in some situations that can be tremendously dangerous.

In that case, upgrading your window security to an alternative option like roller shutters can be a wise decision. You can get the impenetrability of the bars and yet have the option of being able to open and close them when needed. An alternative to this could also be upgrading to barred windows that allow the bars to swing open from the inside.

Automatic to Manual

Another unsafe security option you might have installed is a roller garage, gate, or shutter system that runs completely automatically. While it’s convenient to be able to open and shut your gates or shutters with the press of a remote, there may come a time when the system fails and you are unable to do anything. A better alternative in this case is a manual system that you can control by hand, or even better a dual automatic and manual system that allows for both remote access and override when needed.

Bad Make to High Quality

Finally, if you got your original security options for a very cheap price, you might want to take a second look at them. It’s possible that you got low quality materials and bad construction as part of your well-priced deal. There’s a chance that the security you’ve been trusting for so long is actually dangerous and untrustworthy, unable to hold up to any kind of intrusion or tampering.

Invest a bit more money into something sturdier, safer, and better quality, and you won’t regret it in the future. Good door products & price guides here:

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