Adding a UPVC Conservatory home extension.

Extending the house is something a lot of people do when they need some more space but don’t want to move to another location.  The UPVC conservatory is an almost perfect solution for this.

UPVC is a great material to use due to it’s widespread availability. As a result of this many installers offer a very wide range of options. It alos offers good insulation and lasts a very long time.

Types of conservatories

UPVC Conservatory ExtensionsThere are several different looks for a UPVC conservatory,  but some of the most popular are:

  • Victorian
  • Lean-to
  • Edwardian
  • Georgian

Probably the cheapest conservatory design would be the lean-to. It can be made very simple and only has a 1 sided-roof. This tends to keep costs lower than for more complex styles such as the Victorian style.

Before you rush off to get quotes, here is something you should read:

You might find something that you never thought about.

Getting Price Quotes for Conservatories

Once you have decided to get a conservatory, you should sit down with a few reputable installers to discuss your requirements and get your proposed work surveyed in order to produce a written quotation.

It important that you get a range of quotations from different sources so that you get a better idea of the market price. It can also give you a better appreciation of what is on offer in the market.

Make sure you do a little bit of homework on your installers and ask for references. They should also be registered with a reputable trade body such as FENSA. CERTASS OR DGCOS.

These trade bodies check out their members for track record and competence, so that you can have a high degree of confidence that they can carry out the work to a high standard. It should help you avoid rogue traders or cowboy builders.

You can read more about UPVC conservatories, what styles there are and get free quotes from

UPVC Conservatory Extensions